7 Tips To A Better Spring Cleaning Job

Spring cleaning is a great idea for everyone. Whether you have a large or small space, every dwelling needs a good thorough cleaning on a regular basis.
Spring cleaning brings many benefits, and here is a list of the important ones.

1. Happiness

Having a clean home is a great feeling. A cluttered, messy environment can wreak havoc on one’s emotions. Being able to come home every day to a space that is tidy and organized is a great gift you can give to yourself and your whole family.

Teaching your child with a disability to learn how to keep their things clean and organized, really is one of the most important life skills you can teach them, besides money and caring for themselves.

2. Stress Relief

It is a depressing feeling to wake up to disorder every single morning. Take a good look around you, do a quality check of your surroundings. Are things organized and in their respective spots? Many people can attest to the fact that living in an untidy environment brings you a great amount of unnecessary stress. Spring cleaning will ensure that your home feels peaceful, rather than the chaos that you may have been forced to become used to.

One of my biggest issues is “paper clutter”. I seriously have no idea what to do with it all. Honestly when I tell you it’s everywhere…it’s everywhere. I have piles on my kitchen table, countertops and my desk. Honestly, what desk?  It’s so frustrating for me.  It gives me so much anxiety when I can’t find things or just looking at how disorganized my life has become. I am sincerely going to try to commit that if I don’t do something with a piece of paper within one-week time, it’s getting pitched. I just can’t stand it, I feel suffocated.

3. Pride

No one wants to invite their friends over to a home that appears uncared for. It is embarrassing when your home is in disarray, and someone calls out of the blue and asks to drop by. When your home has been through a detailed spring cleaning, you will feel proud of the way it appears. Inviting guests over will be a pleasure for you, and for them as well.

This is so true. I have to hide things from my table because I am too embarrassed when I get on video calls with my business coach or others. It’s so consuming.

4. Time

Time is yet another benefit of spring cleaning. When you have to dig through a pile of papers to find your bills that should have been paid or search yet again for the keys or shoes you lose on a consistent basis, valuable time is being lost. Spring cleaning saves time, as it gives you a chance to reorganize. It allows you to sort through everything you own once again and give each tiny item a place of its own in order to be easily found each and every time.

5. Organization

To be organized is a great feeling. When you are organized, life runs more smoothly. If your home is orderly, both you and your family will feel the difference. It will be easier to go about your daily duties and keep on top of everything you are responsible for. My son’s room is immaculate. Things are in their respective places, but when it comes to my office oh boy that is a whole different animal.

6. Health

Spring cleaning is a great workout. It may be surprising to some, but both light and heavy housework give your body a boost. You may be surprised at what a sweat you work up while getting your home into tip-top shape. You can be sure to move your muscles, stimulate your lymphatic system, and even get a bit of cardio in while organizing items and scrubbing walls.

7. Generosity to Others

One of spring cleaning’s outcomes is finding things that we realize we do not need. This is a great time to give away what we cannot use anymore to someone who can benefit from our unwanted items. When you have sorted through clothing that no longer fits, appliances you no longer use, and books that your children have outgrown, you have a choice what you will do with it all. Consider donating to a charity or someone in need. The feeling of satisfaction will be worth all the time and effort you put into it.

There are many benefits of spring cleaning, and these are just a few. Consider all the bonuses that this yearly ritual will bring you.

Keep yourself going through the hard work with the thoughts of everything you will gain.

Use this as a great time to be a good role model to your children, if they see your life, their house in disarray their house, their life will probably go in that direction as well.

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