2016 A Year In Review

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As I take this time to reflect back on this year, it’s clear we were constantly moving. We enjoyed a lot of “family time” and that made this year so special.
Reflecting on each month below I will share with you the most popular post for the month and then my favorite post, as well as my favorite picture from that month.


January is a month of new, a month to set goals, new ways to care for ourselves, but it also brings a lot of anxiety to parents because they are already thinking about summer. I think that’s why my blog series on Getting Your Special Needs Child Summer Ready was a such a big hit, because we shared about what your child can do over the summer in January!
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My top post in January: Getting Your Child With Special Needs Summer Ready  Blog Series
My favorite post in January: My Word For 2016 – READY!
My favorite picture from January:

Silly faces at my niece’s black tie wedding. Always time for fun!


February was a busy month for us, we went back to Indiana for a Down Syndrome Fundraiser, and got the chance to see old friends and catch a Notre Dame basketball game. My son and I also spent a few days in Maryland with my sister and brother-in-law. Each day we had something fun to do from Chuck E Cheese, visiting the Utz Potato Chip factory in PA, bowling, personal tour of Domino’s, to the Baltimore Aquarium. So grateful for these moments.
My Top Post in February: Teaching Your Kids To Be Good People
My Favorite Post in February: Why I Feel Like The Worst Mom Every and Why You Need An Evening Routine
My Favorite Picture from February: (had a few favorite pictures in February, since we got to spend time with friends and family)

Jacob got to see his friends when we went back to IN
Going back to Notre Dame to catch a basketball game
Spending time at my sister’s and Jacob getting a personal tour of Domino’s from Uncle Tom


March was a busy month for me since March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day and I was very honored to host a WEGO Health Twitter Chat with the topic on Down Syndrome. We celebrated Jacob’s 10th birthday and Easter.
My Top Post in March: Five Meals Quick and Tasty for The Whole Family
My Favorite Post in March: didn’t seem to post much in March
My Favorite Picture from March:

Awesome tshirt to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day
Honored to be hosting a WEGO Health Chat World Down Syndrome Day


April was another busy month filled with so many emotions. My son and I spent our last Easter at my childhood home. I wanted this picture below of my son and I in front of my house, since this is like a picture I took with my Dad on Easter when I was about 6 years old. It was difficult since we sold my Mom’s home a few months after that. We also put to rest our beloved dog Sierra, after 13 years of being with our family. She was sick and in pain and we felt it best, but it was so hard. We miss her every day. On a positive, we went to Hilton Head and met some new friends, and Jacob got to run with the elite Kenyan Marathon runners from the Boston Marathon at his school.

Last Easter at my childhood home
Last Easter at my childhood home
My Top Post in April:  Two Weeks To A Spring Clean House – Part 1 
My Favorite Post in April: Give Your Life A Spring Makeover
My Favorite Picture from April:
Jacob in Hilton Head
Jacob in Hilton Head
My Least Favorite Photo In April:
We miss you Sierra!
We miss you Sierra!


May brought some new memories. Jacob celebrated his First Holy Communion, we are so proud of him. Our outdoor kitchen and sunroom was finally completed.
My Top Post in May: 2016 Summer Activities Calendar for Special Needs Children
My Favorite Post in May: Summer Fun With Shaving Cream Art
My Favorite Photo in May:

Jacob's Communion
Jacob’s Communion


June brought a lot of fun times like summer dinners in our new sunroom, pool parties, a 50th birthday celebration for both my husband and I which brought family to our home again. But the best was when we brought home the new member of our family – our golden labrador – Bella!

First Dinner in Sunroom
First Dinner in Sunroom
Meet Our New Puppy - Bella!
Meet Our New Puppy – Bella!
My Top Post in June: Finding Dory Review – A Special Needs Moms’ Perspective
My Favorite Post in June: 10 Things Every Special Needs Parent Needs To Do With Their Child
My Favorite Photo in June:
Me and Bella
Me and Bella
Happy 50th Birthday
Happy 50th Birthday


July was a very busy month, as my son and I went to the Jersey Shore for a week, my little girl stayed home with her Daddy. Jacob got to do a lot of fun things like fish for the first time with his Uncle Tom, miniature golf, amusement park, swimming. July was a month we took off from blogging. We were so busy over the summer I didn’t have time. But let me share some of my favorite photos from the month:

My sister Marisa and I dancing down at the shore
My sister Marisa and I dancing down at the shore
Jacob and Uncle Tom fishing
Jacob and Uncle Tom fishing
Jacob painting shells at shore
Jacob painting shells at shore
Jacob golfing
Jacob golfing


August was busy as I attended the Focused Blogging Conference in Richmond, VA. Learned a lot and met some new blogging friends as well as old.  I found myself doing a lot of running around getting ready for the start of school as Jacob started 4th grade. Not much time for blogging again.
My Top Post in August: Unboxing of Roost Crate
My Favorite Photo in August:


As the school year started, new routines started as well. Life is busier with homework, making lunches and getting dinners on the table earlier.  We were able to do some last minute trips before summer ends and school started. We went to Plymouth, MA and Jacob and Paul got to see a football game at Notre Dame.
My Top Post in September: Chocolate Review Harbor Sweets Review
My Favorite Photo in September:


October is a very important month for us as it is Down Syndrome Awareness month. I spoke in my son’s school about Down Syndrome, my niece and Jacob hung ribbons on our trees to spread awareness. We also got to enjoyed apple picking with my niece, a family trip to Disney and got a chance to experience Halloween in Disney World. I stayed on to attend the Type A Parent East conference.
My Favorite Post in October: Sharing About Down Syndrome In My Son’s Classroom
My Favorite Photos in October:

Hanging up blue and yellow ribbons for Down Syndrome Awareness Month
Apple picking
Halloween in Disney
Family photo in Disney
Speaking in my son’s class about Down Syndrome Awareness


November found us on the move again. Now we were in San Antonio as a family for a Notre Dame football weekend. So as the year is coming to an end I find myself being thankful for all the family time we got to spend together this year.
My Top Post in November: Simply to Impress Holiday Card Review
My Favorite Post in November: How To Help Your Child With Special Needs Through The Stress of the Holidays
My Favorite Photo in November:

Notre Dame Shamrock Series in San Antonio
San Antonio Riverwalk


Well as I close out 2016, I reflect back on the good times we spent together as a family creating amazing memories From a professional perspective, I feel good about where I am going. From speaking to getting our non profit started. I feel like 2017 will be an amazing year. I had the honor of speaking at our town Diversity & Cultural Alliance meeting.
As I put 2016 behind me, I realize all the things I want to accomplish in 2017. So with that said, my word for 2017 is INSPIRE!
So Happy New Year! 2016 was good. Looking forward to a more successful and accomplished year ahead.
My Top Post in December: ABC’s of A Special Needs Mom
My Favorite Photo in December:

Speaking at Diversity and Cultural Alliance meeting
Speaking at Diversity and Cultural Alliance meeting
Holiday Pops performance with my niece.
Merry Christmas 2016!

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