14 Days of Loving Yourself




All You Need Is Love

A popular song in the 1960’s by the band The Beatles, The chorus would repeat the lyrics, “All you need is love. Love is all you need”.

I share this with you because this is going to be your theme song for the next 14 days. With this visual campaign “14 Days of Loving Yourself”, I am asking you to take time to show yourself the necessary love it needs and craves. These next 14 days are solely about you.  Give yourself the necessary time to get ready for the new season of family, holidays and gatherings!

The message of the song was loud and clear! And although being loved by others is a beautiful thing, you should use this song, and the message as inspiration to love yourself! I give you permission!

It doesn’t even need to be a song. It could be a poem or some form of art. Maybe it’s something you created that can help remind you to love yourself. You deserve it! Find some way to give you that inspiration to love yourself for the next 14 days and beyond.

If nothing else works, just say the words, “I love myself” over and over! This positive reinforcement will eventually sink in, if you let it. You need to do it consistently for that to happen.

The more you confirm that you deserve your self-compassion or self-love, the stronger your confidence will become. Once that happens, you can accomplish anything you desire.  Whatever was holding you back will no longer be an issue. You will take on challenges better than you ever have before. In turn, it will make you a happier person.

All you need is love!

I hope that you enjoyed these past 14 days, loving on yourself. I hope that it has brought you some joy and has helped you to relax so that you can enjoy the holiday season with your family!

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