10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Fine Motor Activities

top 10 gifts for fine motor development

top 10 gifts for fine motor development

1) Tying Wooden Shoe

The art of tying your shoes is difficult for all children, and yes I know there are a lot of shoes that have velcro or slip on, but children should still know how to tie their shoes. So here is a great toy for both boys and girls ages 3-6 year olds.
Special Needs Benefit:  Help with tying shoes and eye-hand coordination 

2) Blocks

You definitely can’t go wrong with a set of blocks. Let the imagination and creative run wild with this gift. For younger children you want to keep in mind the size, it can be very frustrating to little hands if they can’t pick up the blocks.

Special Needs Benefit: stacking blocks, problem-solving, mathematical skills, taking turns


3) Play Kitchens

step 2 kitchen
Play kitchens are wonderful for the older kids, who have already developed pretty good fine motor skills and can stand on their feet. Using their imagination to make breakfast, have tea can be the start of a future job in the culinary arts!

Special Needs Benefits: creative play, turn taking, life skills

4) Kinectic Sand

The Kinetic Sand Sandisfying Set is perfect for creative and imaginative play and makes a great gift for kids aged 3 and up. Kinetic Sand is made from natural sand and is wheat, gluten and casein free, making it safe for play.

Special Needs Benefits: finger strengthening, dexterity, in hand manipulation

5)  Wooden Cutting Food 

You definitely can’t go wrong with anything Melissa and Doug. I brought these Cutting Food for my son and he loved it. The knife was easy for him to hold and cutting the food was easy as it was Velcro.
Special Needs Benefits: imaginative play, life skills, problem-solving

6) Cash Register 

This is a great toy for the older children, and again I brought this for my son as well. He loved it. All kids love to push buttons and he loved pushing the buttons to hear the noises or the register counting. Counting and using their imagination are great things to foster.
Special Needs Benefits: eye-hand coordination, creative play, number sense

7) Puzzles

Puzzles are a must. I purchased so many different ones for my son. Ones where he put the shape or the number in the slot. There are so many to choose from. I loved this one again from Melissa and Doug latch puzzle. There were so many different ways for my son to get the door open. I will be honest some were a lot more difficult than others, but he also just enjoyed closing the doors. Help them to build their determination at a young age, and not give up!
Special Needs Benefits: eye/hand coordination, problem-solving

8) Stringing Beads

I remember these from when I was growing up. This timeless gift provides hours of creative play. Color recognition, creating patterns which are so important for cognitive therapy. Beads are another must-have toy for children.
Special Needs Benefits: strengthening pincer grasp, creative play, math skills, color recognition, pattern making

9) Tweezer Games

Games that children use tweezers to play are perfect. With this game, each card matches a text of story or Math problem, such as FINDING RULES, QUANTITY COGNITION, ADDITION COGNITION, MODEL BUILDING, During the play your children’s imagination, critical thinking ability, logical thinking ability, memory skill will be greatly improved.
Special Needs Benefits: strengthen finger grasp, mathematical skills, creative play

10) Peg Boards

Another must in our house was a peg board game. My son loved these because they fit his hands perfectly. He was able to build and count, identify colors. So much to do with peg boards. Counting, color recognition, pattern making
Special Needs Benefits: strengthening grasp, building, problem-solving, mathematical skills, color recognition
No matter what gift you decide on, the best thing to keep in mind is will it be fun and functional!

If you are also looking for gift ideas for gross motor, I have a great list for you.

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