Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Marla Murasko! Thanks for stopping by!

When people ask me to share alittle about who I am, I share that:

I am an Award-Winning Down Syndrome Advocate, Speaker, past Talk Show Co-Host, Author, I have a Facebook group talking all things beauty, but my "real" job is Mom! The one I am MOST proud of!

I am native New Jerseyan living in the Boston area with my family. I am a mother to my amazingly determined son Jacob diagnosed with Down syndrome, stepmother to my incredibly independent stepdaughter Amanda, and wife to my best friend and biggest cheerleader Paul. I have two awesome dogs Bella and Daisy!

What I Do?

So when asked what is it that I do? I share that:

I am passionate about educating society on acceptance and inclusion for individuals with Down Syndrome. So people see their “capabilities“, not their disabilities.

How do I do this:

  • Speaking at nonprofit events, schools, community events
  • I used to co-host my Facebook Live Talk Show Down Right Capable
  • Authoring two books: "Jacob's Journal - My Journey Home" and "Adventures With A Special Traveler"
  • Being a member of the National Down Syndrome Society Inclusive Education Task Force and being an NDSS DS-Ambassador, attending advocacy events
  • Vice-President, of our nonprofit Special & Determined where we provide financial support to families of children ages 3-6 years of age with Down Syndrome, so they can access necessary therapeutic services.
  • Community Builder - as a midlife woman, I share about all things beauty, skincare and wellness in my Facebook group "Simple Beauty with Marla".

Why I Do What I Do

The day my son was born, a whole new journey started for me. That of an ADVOCATE! My family and I quickly became his biggest and loudest supporters.

Why? Because he deserves the same opportunities as his peers. Especially in the following areas:

Education - the right to inclusion and access to the curriculum to excel academically. Opportunities to go on to post-secondary education. Challenged to strive for his best!

Employment - the ability to gain the necessary skills to find meaningful and fulfilling jobs with competitive wage.

Community - to be recognized as a valuable member of his community, with plenty of friends and opportunities to grow and learn.

Let's Partner

Looking for businesses, organizations and other advocates who want to collaborate together to spread the mission of inclusion. Opportunities could be schools, moms groups, and conferences to share how and why I advocate.

Marla's Story


Marla sees firsthand the challenges that individuals with Down Syndrome experience and knows personally the barriers that parents face when advocating for the rights of their child.

Dedicated to spreading awareness for inclusion and understanding for individuals with Down syndrome, she is active on her Instagram platform and plays a proactive role in her community and in the classroom.

She loves educating and empowering Moms to live their own life and that's why she created the online course "Living Your Purposeful Life As A Mom" enduring the challenges while having the mental freedom to live life on their terms and not get lost in their child's diagnosis

Her life’s mission is to help make the world a more accepting place for her son and for all individuals with Down syndrome and it shows in all that she is involved with.

"Inclusion is not just having a seat at the table, but being a contributing member to the team"