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Facebook Live Show #2: “Don’t View Our Kids Through A Deficit Based Lens”

On our 2nd Facebook Live Show, we have a discussion on why we need to help the IEP team and society as a whole, not look at our children through a Deficit-based lens. The way an IEP is designed and implemented to be meaningful, as well as effective is based on which lens the team members use […]

True Happiness

Congratulations welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood!   Whether you are a first time Mom or an old pro, a new adventure has begun.   As a first-time Mom, I was all consumed with what I wanted my idea of motherhood to look like. I envisioned my “happy, healthy” family on vacation, playing in […]

Let's Get Reacquainted

Hi, I’m Marla! Remember me? LOL! I know it has been a while…I have been busy, let’s just start there! 2017 was a whirlwind year of accomplishing great things, meeting amazing people and doing what I love – advocacy and inspiring others. 2017 in a quick minute: March 2017 – I was accepted to be […]

I Don't Remember Applying For The Job Of Special Needs Mom

I think you can ask any little girl, as they grow up they have this vision of their dream job in their mind! That job is that of MOTHER! You thought about it, you saw other people doing that job, they loved it and you couldn’t wait to do the same job. Then one day […]

#FindingDory Review – A Special Needs Mom's Perspective

#FindingDory is the movie of the summer! It has such well known celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres (adorable Dory)  and Ed O’Neill (the determined octopus) as voices to some of the characters. We took our son as a gift for all his hard work this past school year! No we will admit we didn’t see Finding […]

10 Things Every Special Needs Parent Needs To Be Doing With Their Child

  Sharing with you the top 10 things that I think every special needs parent needs to do with their child:   #1 – ACT SILLY even when everyone is watching!   #2 – COMPLIMENT them for a job well done!   #3 – DANCE like no one is watching!   #4 – INSPIRE them […]

"Bake For Family Fun Month" – Creating Baking Memories

“Bake for Family Fun Month” is a celebration created by the Home Baking Association. The idea of this celebratory month is to encourage families to get together, spend time as a family in the kitchen baking and having fun. Baking is a great and inexpensive way for parents to teach their children life skills. For […]

5 Tips for Visiting Disney World With Dietary Restrictions

We have put together 5 tips for traveling to Disney World with dietary restrictions because visiting Disney World can be an exciting vacation destination for any family, but when you have to deal with dietary restrictions there are some special considerations. Disney has over 135 restaurants on site that provide options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, […]

{inspiration} "Ability, Motivation, Attitude" Is What Will Get You There

Ability is what you’re capable of doing.  Motivation determines what you do.  Attitude determines how well you do it.  -Raymond Chandler Motivation Guides Us Sometimes you just need a little reminder to help you get through the day or the tough times.  Some times you just need to be in the moment and be grateful […]

Bus and Bus-Stop Safety Tips for Your Child

Bus and Bus-Stop Safety Tips for Your Child Bus and bus stop safety is just something we worry about as  some of your children are already back in school and some are just about ready to start. But, parents also worry about sending their kids off to school. Classes, friends, peer pressure, grades, and all […]