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Great Ideas For Children’s Travel Activity Bags

childrens activity bag for travel

Are you ready for long car trips or plane rides this summer? Maybe you want to keep your child busy when you are out to eat or waiting for a doctors appointment and you want to keep them off the electronics. I found this idea from another blogger last year, and it has been invaluable on […]

True Happiness

Congratulations welcome to the wonderful world of motherhood!   Whether you are a first time Mom or an old pro, a new adventure has begun.   As a first-time Mom, I was all consumed with what I wanted my idea of motherhood to look like. I envisioned my “happy, healthy” family on vacation, playing in […]

Spring Cleaning Your Life

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to clear out everything that you do not need. Often times it is not only your home that needs a yearly scouring, but also other parts of your life. This is a time to analyze what is working for you and what is not. Here are some areas to […]

7 Tips To A Better Spring Cleaning Job

Spring cleaning is a great idea for everyone. Whether you have a large or small space, every dwelling needs a good thorough cleaning on a regular basis.   Spring cleaning brings many benefits, and here is a list of the important ones. 1. Happiness Having a clean home is a great feeling. A cluttered, messy […]

Last Stop On Our Homeschooling & Special Needs Blog Tour Is Here!

First I want to thank all of the homeschooling bloggers that participated in our blog tour, and thank all of you for joining us.  It was an awesome experience for me to bring these amazing and knowledgeable women together for you. I learned so much from each and everyone of them, and I hope you […]