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Getting Your Child With Special Needs Ready For Day Camp This Summer

As summer is upon us you may be considering sending your child with special needs to a day camp. Whether it’s through your local park system, non profit organization or through a church, you want to make sure your child, counselors and the organization as a whole is prepared for your child’s arrival. You want […]

{health} Building a Children's Garden

Summer really was the best time of the year at my house. There was always something going on and always people over. Some of my fondest memories were swimming in our pool with friends or watching my Dad plant a garden.  I loved fresh tomatoes pulled right from the vine. I can still taste the […]

Have You Heard About The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

For 6 Days ONLY! Starting tomorrow you can have access to the “Ultimate Homemaking Bundle”.  What is the “Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?” Well let me explain: This bundle will help you with: simplifying mealtimes with easy recipes streamlining home organization and chores discovering encouragement and advice for motherhood making time for self-care learning how to live intentionally embracing […]

#WDSD17 – Recap of An Amazing Day of Advocacy

March 21, 2017, was an amazing day of advocacy! Why? Because it was World Down Syndrome Day, and I was ACCEPTED to be a panel speaker. Can you imagine my excitement when I received the email from Andrew Boys from DSI (Down Syndrome International)? Never in a million years did I ever imagine that I would […]

Speaking at United Nations for World Down Syndrome Day #WDSD17

As I arrived into NYC, the excitement for tomorrow was building inside me. I was ACCEPTED to speak at the United Nations for the World Down Syndrome Day Conference. I am so honored to be sharing about “Why Your Voice Matters”. Which is the theme of the conference: Theme: #MyVoiceMyCommunity – Enabling people with Down syndrome to […]

Influential Women Of Color Who Are Doing It Right

As February is coming to a close and the world celebrates inspirational people of color for Black History Month. I wanted to take this time to celebrate three influential women of color who I think are doing it right when it comes to their businesses, and I am honored to call call them my friends. […]

"Big Game" Party Recipes

“Big Game” Party Recipes Okay so whomever you, your family and your guests will be voting for on Sunday, New England Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons, you wan to make sure your food options are SUPER worthy!  Check out this awesome list of “Big Game” party recipes to help with your entertaining plans. Buffalo Chicken […]

I Don't Remember Applying For The Job Of Special Needs Mom

I think you can ask any little girl, as they grow up they have this vision of their dream job in their mind! That job is that of MOTHER! You thought about it, you saw other people doing that job, they loved it and you couldn’t wait to do the same job. Then one day […]

Opening The Door To My Heart

I want to share with you something that came out of my yoga session today. Every Tuesday I join other mothers of special needs children for yoga and meditation. A time for us to share with each other without judgment. Today the session was around the “heart“. The yoga instructor lead us through this meditation: […]

5 Tips for Meal Planning on a Budget

If you feel like your grocery spending is getting out of control, and you still feel like you have “nothing” to eat, try meal planning.  It will save you both time and money, and it will ensure that you can answer your kid’s favorite question “What’s for dinner”. With some advance planning and organization, you […]