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Ways To Enjoy Local Events With Your Child With Special Needs

There are so many wonderful local events  that you can turn into “day” trips that you can take with your child with special needs.  A lot of them are right in your backyard. Farmers Markets A great way to spend a Saturday morning is head to your local farmers market. Not only do you get […]

20 Great Popsicle Recipes Just In Time For Summer

This post may contain affiliate links. As the warm summer months are upon us, your kids will want some fun cool snacks to enjoy those warm summer nights. So I have created this list of 20 great popsicle recipes.  Some of my personal favorite are the Homemade Creamsicle, reminds me of walking on the boardwalk […]

5 Tips to Make Disney World Easier with a Special Needs Child

Walt Disney World is open to all families and guests, doing their best to make each and every visit special and important. Families that want to visit Walt Disney World with a child with special needs should know that there is a lot of help and assistance available to them to ensure their time in […]

{inspiration} "Ability, Motivation, Attitude" Is What Will Get You There

Ability is what you’re capable of doing.  Motivation determines what you do.  Attitude determines how well you do it.  -Raymond Chandler Motivation Guides Us Sometimes you just need a little reminder to help you get through the day or the tough times.  Some times you just need to be in the moment and be grateful […]

25 Zoo Books For Your Children To Read Over The Summer

“Never Play Music Right Next To The Zoo” – This lively and lyrical jaunt from actor and author John Lithgow comes with a CD of his celebrated song! “GoodNight Gorilla” – “Good night, Gorilla,” says the zookeeper. But mischievous Gorilla isn’t quite ready to go to sleep. “Who’s Hiding At the Zoo” – Toddlers will have fun with this […]

Preparing Your Child With Special Needs for Sleepaway Camp

Children leaving the home for an overnight stay can be a stressful event for both parents and child, and especially difficult for children with special needs. We help our children get through each day by creating an atmosphere that is especially suited to them and their needs, so a new environment with entirely new people […]

{#fashionover45} Summer Dress Love

Summer dress outfits should meet 3 requirements. Cute Comfortable Easy There isn’t anything that meets those requirements better than a summer dress! Easy to wear, comfortable and very cute. They are easy to take from casual to a bit more formal with just a change of accessories. This outfit is perfect for wearing out to […]