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Spring Cleaning Your Life

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to clear out everything that you do not need. Often times it is not only your home that needs a yearly scouring, but also other parts of your life. This is a time to analyze what is working for you and what is not. Here are some areas to […]

7 Tips To A Better Spring Cleaning Job

Spring cleaning is a great idea for everyone. Whether you have a large or small space, every dwelling needs a good thorough cleaning on a regular basis.   Spring cleaning brings many benefits, and here is a list of the important ones. 1. Happiness Having a clean home is a great feeling. A cluttered, messy […]

Feel Good February #MiniSeries – 10 Key Tips To Prevent Caregiver Burnout

10 Key Tips To Prevent Caregiver Burnout Moms, in general, are amazing at caring for other people, but really stink at taking care of themselves. It’s the truth! But why is that? Well, there are many reasons: no time to ask guilt want to be in control no energy to explain how it should be […]

It's Here – 31 Days of Gratitude Journal for SpecialMoms

The 31 Days of Gratitude Journal is here! Journaling has truly become so popular. It really is a time for us to relax with a warm cup of tea or a cold glass of wine, and reflect on all the things we are grateful for in our life. Whether it be family, health, a new […]

Have You Heard About The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

For 6 Days ONLY! Starting tomorrow you can have access to the “Ultimate Homemaking Bundle”.  What is the “Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?” Well let me explain: This bundle will help you with: simplifying mealtimes with easy recipes streamlining home organization and chores discovering encouragement and advice for motherhood making time for self-care learning how to live intentionally embracing […]

Influential Women Of Color Who Are Doing It Right

As February is coming to a close and the world celebrates inspirational people of color for Black History Month. I wanted to take this time to celebrate three influential women of color who I think are doing it right when it comes to their businesses, and I am honored to call call them my friends. […]

I Don't Remember Applying For The Job Of Special Needs Mom

I think you can ask any little girl, as they grow up they have this vision of their dream job in their mind! That job is that of MOTHER! You thought about it, you saw other people doing that job, they loved it and you couldn’t wait to do the same job. Then one day […]

Opening The Door To My Heart

I want to share with you something that came out of my yoga session today. Every Tuesday I join other mothers of special needs children for yoga and meditation. A time for us to share with each other without judgment. Today the session was around the “heart“. The yoga instructor lead us through this meditation: […]

How to Keep Your Marriage from Breaking During Times of Stress

Any marriage can hit a rough patch every now and then.  But you made a commitment to each other, to stick with each other through good times and bad, and you want to get through it.  Together. No doubt if you’ve been married for a while you have your own stories about the tough times […]

How Do You Handle Being Overwhelmed?

Are you trying to do so much and spinning in so many different directions that you’re left feeling overwhelmed and stressed out? What can you do to get back to feeling in control and relaxed? Our fast-paced lifestyles demand for our full attention. On top of that, we are working longer and taking less time […]